Spatial Design

Ground Floor Transformation

The Issue

Need to modernise & extend the ground floor 

Desire to maximise the connection with the garden 

Need for a ground floor WC & separate utility 

Requirement to maximise natural light

The Solution

Ground floor extension with kitchen/diner & living space

Increased size of  front living room proportionate to the 
new extension 

Utility spaces out of sight 


The Client said

“We love the way the house works, its a joy to live in”

Spatial Design

Master planning a magical garden

The Issue

An acre of garden with no structure or planting : feeling overwhelmed. 

Privacy issues : overlooked by neighbours. 

Need for a better connection between house & garden. 

Shared driveway with privacy 
& visibility issues.

The Solution

Created a master plan which included everything from the wish list. 

Relocated the driveway to 
give privacy & separation. 

Designed utility spaces to be out of sight. 

Identified sight lines to create privacy.

The Client Said

“ Stella looked at the 
garden and house as 
a whole and brought 
the two together 
with an imaginative, 
creative but also 
practical design.”

Spatial Design

A smart new kitchen for a smart new extension 

The Issue

To transform the kitchen 
into a much larger living 
space, and to bring the 
light into the back of the 

The Solution

A three meter one storey extension. We also wanted to 
fit in a downstairs WC. and to create clearly delineated areas; a lounge space, a dining space and a very functional kitchen

The Client said

"Stella’s great talent is being able to listen to ideas and interpret them."

Spatial Design

Garden Flat Transformation

The issue

Kitchen / diner split in two by worktop  

Disconnect between the kitchen / diner and living room 

Pinch points between the spaces 

Steep steps to garden

The Solution

Relocated kitchen 

Opened up the spaces rehung doors 

Connected living room with a spacious kitchen/ diner 

Redesigned exterior steps, pushed ground level back. 

The Client said

“Our flat now flows, and is extremely easy to live in. We are very happy with the results and would thoroughly recommend her services ” 

Spatial Design

Bringing the Outside Inside

The Issue

Garden access was past a 
brick built store down the 
side of house 

No sight line to the garden creating a disconnect 
between inside and out 

Rear living room with no view

The Solution

Took down a brick built store, opened up the rear wall with folding doors 

Added a high quality covered area with heating and lighting and original wall art 

Added fixed seating, storage and raised planting to the garden 

The Client said

“We love the outside room 
it works seamlessly with 
the interior living space… 
the house and garden 
feel bigger and we are 
using the garden 
all year round”

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